Skyline and Bradford & Holliman: Providing Elder Law Guidance

elderly woman stands in front of family in background

As the United States population inches closer to retirement age, elder law is becoming increasingly crucial to understand and address the complex laws and long-term planning that surrounds older adults. Unfortunately, elder abuse, whether financial, emotional or physical, is very common, and it’s important that you have legal representation for yourself or a loved one.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law is a specialized field of legal practice that involves a wide range of services for older adults.

These services can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Estate Planning
  • Wills or Trusts
  • Guardianship
  • Arrangements for Care
  • Social Security and Retirement Benefits
  • Elder Abuse Protection and Representation
  • Healthcare-Related Issues

In addition to legal services, an attorney that specializes in elder law will be able to work with you or a loved one through the challenging situations that many older adults face, including the emotional and physical needs that accompany aging or relocating.

How Bradford & Holliman Can Help You

At Skyline Village, we understand the importance of establishing elder law and long-term planning for our residents. That’s why we work closely with Bradford & Holliman, LLC, a Birmingham-based law firm that focuses on elder law, estate planning and special needs.

From planning for long-term care, veterans assistance, social security claims to guardianship and conservatorship, Bradford & Holliman is trained on the complex nature of elder law and is confident they can craft solutions that prevent and solve these issues.

Elder Law Services They Provide

Bradford & Holliman offer expertise in elder law, including:

  • Estate Planning. A proper estate plan allows you to control your estate and assets and the transfer of these assets to an heir (or others).
  • Long-term Care Planning. Discussion of private insurance, asset protection, and how recent law changes affect long-term care and insurance policies for you and your family.
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship. A guardian (or custodian) supervises the wellbeing and physical health of an individual, called a protected person or ward. A conservatorship manages the ward’s property and assets. One person can assume both roles, but these roles have separate legal identities.
  • Comprehension of Medicaid/Medicare. The laws surrounding Medicaid are complex (and change frequently), requiring applicants to be extra careful when signing up for benefits. Help is administered in qualifying for Medicaid, applying and getting approved faster, as well as help overcoming denied claims.
  • Social Security Claims. Unfortunately, social security claims are often denied. Having an attorney handle your appeal enhances the likelihood of getting a denial overturned.
  • Veterans Aid and Assistance. Disabled service members can get additional assistance in receiving the long-term benefits they’re entitled to. This service, separate from veteran disability benefits, helps veterans’ families pay expenses related to assisted living, nursing home or home healthcare.

Bradford & Holliman offers additional legal services in probate and estate administration as well as family law; whether you need elder law representation or have questions about the administration of your estate, they can assist you and provide guidance on your next steps.

Skyline Village and Bradford & Holliman: Built Around You

In order for Skyline Village to stay one of Birmingham’s best senior living communities, we work hard to build relationships with key players in the community so our residents always have the resources they need, whether moving into senior living or aging in place.

As elder law becomes more important as our nation’s longevity grows upward, Bradford & Holliman can provide you the crucial guidance in navigating the complexities of this field of law as well as the challenges that face older adults.

To learn more about Bradford & Holliman, check out their website or give them a call at 205-663-0281 to discuss how they can help you with your elder law needs.

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