Skyline and Bradford & Holliman: Providing Elder Law Guidance

June 4, 2019 onlineservices
Skyline and Bradford & Holliman: Providing Elder Law Guidance As the United States population inches closer to retirement age, elder law is becoming increasingly crucial to understand and address the complex laws and long-term planning that surrounds older adults. Unfortunately, elder abuse, whether financial, emotional or physical, is very common, and it’s important that you
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Veterans Benefits and How They Affect You

June 4, 2019 onlineservices
Veterans Benefits and How They Affect You As a veteran (or a family member of a veteran), you’re entitled to compensation and benefits provided to you by the government. These benefits cover a wide range of services, including: Disability benefits Life insurance Burial expenses Long-term care Pensions Home-loan guarantees However, applying (and qualifying) for these
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Social Isolation and Its Effects on Older Adults

February 12, 2019 onlineservices
Social Isolation and Its Effects on Older Adults According to Connect2Affect, an initiative powered by AARP Foundation to seek solutions and fight the stigma surrounding isolation in older adults, the health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Moreover, Connect2Affect states: 17% of adults age 65 and older are isolated
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A Snowy White Christmas: Highlights of Our Holiday Party

January 31, 2019 onlineservices
A Snowy White Christmas: Highlights of Our Holiday Party We love parties at Skyline, and we’re always looking forward to our next big event. Of course, the holidays would be remiss without our annual Christmas party, which was a huge hit with our residents. A snowy patio, live music (featuring new and classic Christmas songs),
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We were on Talk of Alabama!

December 5, 2018 onlineservices
Our Retirement Community Featured on Talk of Alabama! We were on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama! Arlene Hicks, our Executive Director, and Wayne Turner, Skyline’s dedicated Executive Chef, spent a Friday morning with Nicole, host of ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama segment, to discuss Skyline Village while Chef Wayne created a tasty meal. We talked
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Our Great Gatsby Party Was a Roaring Success!

November 28, 2018 onlineservices
This September, we held our first annual Great Gatsby Party, which was a roaring success. We had over 100 outside guests attend our 1920s-themed event with over 150 RSVP’d, plus our residents and staff on hand! This was our first event of its kind, and our residents are demanding we make it yearly! Of course,
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5 Surprises about Retirement Communities You Haven’t Considered

November 1, 2018 onlineservices
Once you get in the door of a retirement community, you’ll be quickly surprised by how lively everything is! The things you think or heard about retirement communities are definitely not the norm nowadays: it’s so much better! We’ve compiled a list of some surprises about retirement you and your family may have not considered.
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Finding Your Forever Home: Testimonials of Skyline Residents

October 19, 2018 onlineservices
Adapted from an African proverb, Hillary Rodham Clinton made the saying, “It takes a village” famous as the title of her book published in 1996. This phrase comes to mind when Annette Culver, Skyline Village resident, thinks about her home. “There’s something about living in a community of people who understand your creakiness when you
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Not Your Grandma’s Retirement Home

July 26, 2018 onlineservices
Trends Show 55+ Growing Demographic Among Active Adult Community It’s no longer about the youth: the new demographic to watch is the 65+ age group who, according to University of Virginia demographics researcher Hamilton Lombard, will grow a staggering 90% between 2010 and 2040. That growth will translate to a shift in industries and how
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Speed Dating: Not Just for the Young Whippersnappers!

April 30, 2018 onlineservices
Speed Dating: Not Just for the Young Whippersnappers! Speed Dating has been “a thing” among millennials for several years now.  You gather a bunch of men and women together, and you pair them off for little five minute “speed dates” where they ask each other questions, and get to know each other.  Then after five
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What to Look for in Retirement Living

April 15, 2018 onlineservices
What to Look for in Retirement Living You’ve maintained a large home for most of your married life – cut grass, washed windows, and maintained a large kitchen.  But the kids have been gone from your home for a long time now, and let’s face it: you’re tired of maintaining a big house with all
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