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See What Residents Have to Say About Skyline Village in Homewood, AL

“I’ve lived at Skyline Village for 5 months.
This is a new experience living in this type of community. Having healthy meals prepared for me and dinning in a friendly atmosphere makes mealtime something I look forward to daily.
One of the perks I appreciate is the weekly housekeeping assistance.
Activities and outings keep me busy, and I enjoy interacting with the other residents.”

-Ginger T

“I have been living at Skyline Village 3 ½ years. I enjoy living here and consider it my home. The people here; residents and staff; all are the best! I volunteer to welcome the new residents moving in. I help them find their way as they adjust to life here. There are plenty of activities each week.
If they choose to eat in dining room, they can meet people faster than eating in their apartment. and they can enjoy three meals a day.”

-Linda W

“I have been a resident at Skyline Village for over a year and find it a very pleasant place to live. The staff is “great” always making sure everyone is taken care of and that everyone is involved in the wonderful activities that are provided. The food is delicious and planned with the residents in mind. A beautiful view of the city of Birmingham and a magnificent place to call you home.”

-Elmira O

“Having lived at Skyline Village at Red Mountain for just under two years I have found the staff to do all they can to make the stay here as pleasant as possible. My wife and I were first welcomed into the dinning room where we were assigned two long term residents to sit with us and ease us into that arrangement making us feel comfortable with the surroundings. Those two became our go to individuals to answer any questions that often trouble newcomers and eventually became good friends and spiritual advisors.
The second to welcome us were the kitchen staff who served us daily making dining as joyful as they joked and cut up good naturedly, also becoming good friends.
There is any number of personalities one can encounter here that makes for companionship easier to find much like any other neighborhood surrounding. The atmosphere is as comfortable as you make it.
I’ve met some who will be lifelong friends even after one transition from this site to other living situations.”

-Rick T

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