Finding Your Forever Home: Testimonials of Skyline Residents

October 19, 2018 onlineservices Blog

Adapted from an African proverb, Hillary Rodham Clinton made the saying, “It takes a village” famous as the title of her book published in 1996. This phrase comes to mind when Annette Culver, Skyline Village resident, thinks about her home.

There’s something about living in a community of people who understand your creakiness when you stand up or how you walk slowly down the hallway. We are in the same stage of life, and it takes a village to care for all of us. This is the village. This little village right here is home. Many of us say this is going to be our forever home.”

While Annette was raised in the Birmingham area, she lived in Georgia since 1969. Four months ago, the retired school teacher came to Skyline, and it quickly became home. When she told her three grown children who still live in Georgia not to worry about her, her son said that he hadn’t worried at all since she’d moved into Skyline.

My son said, ‘Mom, I haven’t worried about you a day since you moved in there. You’re safe, you have plenty to do, you won’t fall down the stairs because you can use the elevator, there’s plenty of food, and all you have to do is get up and go eat it,’” Annette recalls.

and all those things are true and huge benefits of living at Skyline. Annette originally chose the location because her sister and brother-in-law lived there, but she soon became a part of the community and found it easy make friends.

She particularly loves the great location. There are amazing views from Skyline, and since residents can take their own cars out and about, it’s convenient for a quick trip to the grocery store or other errands. There are also many activities planned throughout the week taking advantage of Skyline’s location – trips to the art museum, a morning at an area garden for walks and picnic lunches, afternoons at the library – and there’s always at least one shopping trip each week.

Annette also enjoys it when people come in to give lectures or play musical instruments. She says the activity room is always busy with people playing games, putting puzzles together, or playing pool. The patio is also a hub of activity, and she says people are always outside enjoying the weather and the views. She also says that the staff is very sweet, always trying to make everybody comfortable and happy, no matter what the situation is.

Independent Living w/ the Care Older Adults Need

That kind of attentiveness is part of what led Loretta Cobb and her husband, William “Bill” Cobb of Montevallo to become residents. Since Bill is not in good health, Loretta wanted a place where they could live together and receive the care and help needed for him. Another factor is that Skyline will allow residents to pay month to month, so when a situation is a little up in the air, it works out much better.

Loretta was an English teacher – she taught junior high for seven years and was a professor at the University of Montevallo for more than 20 years. In that time, she helped found the John Harbert Writing Center in 1979, a center to help struggling writers. She loves English and writing, as does her husband who is a novelist, having authored over 10 books.

She says the low maintenance lifestyle at Skyline Village is particularly good for writers, and it has suited her and Bill nicely so far. After moving in 2017, she does still miss friends from Montevallo but is very happy with their decision.

Skyline Village is a beautiful independent living community that offers residents an all-inclusive luxury lifestyle at an affordable value. All-inclusive means that there are no more worries about paying various bills that come with renting or owning a home. Take a virtual tour, schedule an in-person tour, or give us a call for more details – 1-800-713-7691.