What to Look for in Retirement Living

Skyline village independent living

You’ve maintained a large home for most of your married life – cut grass, washed windows, and maintained a large kitchen.  But the kids have been gone from your home for a long time now, and let’s face it: you’re tired of maintaining a big house with all its maintenance and upkeep issues.  So I’m sure you’re giving thought to what all of your options are?

You’ve probably even checked into the thought of living in a retirement community.  But you’re worried about your freedom being restricted. Worried about whether or not you can afford a retirement community and still maintain the luxury accommodations you’ve grown accustomed to.  Worried about losing your sense of privacy. These are all valid concerns, so we wanted to direct you to three major points you should be looking for when considering a move to a retirement community.  

“Retirement Community” Does NOT Equal “Assisted Living Community”

Retirement communities these days are modern communities with amenities that appeal to the mature adult looking to streamline their lives and enjoy their retirement they’ve worked so hard for.  At Skyline Village for example, you can be as active – or not – in the community as you like. Cocktail hours, attending stimulating lectures and participating in activities like speed-dating are some common events our residents enjoy very much.  You come and go as you please. You maintain your independence but lose the drudgery of replacing broken air conditioning units and fixing faucets. You only do the things YOU enjoy, and you leave the rest to a maintenance crew who specializes in quietly and quickly maintaining your home so that you’re worry-free.  

Home Amenities at YOUR Standards in Retirement Communities

At Skyline Village, our apartments are amazing, complete with mind-blowingly beautiful views of the city.  We offer so many services for our residents – everything is included here. At other retirement communities, you will still pay separately for cable, internet, phones, light housekeeping, and 3 full meals a day.  Here, all of these things are included with your monthly rent. and the accommodations are stunning, and you’ll find that custom finishes are standard. This kind of exclusive living with stunning views of downtown Birmingham signal that you’ve really made it in life!

Extra Assistance When & If You Need It

Although our residents live at our retirement community completely unassisted, there are times when medical issues will mean you need a little extra TLC.  That’s why we have a state-of-the-art wireless emergency response system in each unit, and an on-site wellness clinic and access to contracted home health services. These little extras ensure that help is just a few steps away, and you can relax knowing you’re covered.

Skyline Village is a beautiful independent living community that offers residents an all-inclusive luxury lifestyle at an affordable value. All-inclusive means that there are no more worries about paying various bills that come with renting or owning a home.  Take a virtual tour, schedule an in-person tour, or give us a call for more details – 1-800-713-7691.