5 Surprises about Retirement Communities You Haven’t Considered

November 1, 2018 onlineservices Blog

Once you get in the door of a retirement community, you’ll be quickly surprised by how lively everything is! The things you think or heard about retirement communities are definitely not the norm nowadays: it’s so much better!

We’ve compiled a list of some surprises about retirement you and your family may have not considered.

1. Retirement communities are for everyone.

Trends are showing that retirement communities are skewing younger with residents in their 60s. Amenities have also reflected the younger members, including walkable communities, vibrant social activities, increased exercise classes, gourmet dining and luxury living suites.

Younger members are foregoing the stress of traditional homeownership for the simplicity of retirement communities, where bills, meals and healthcare are taken care of.

2. Age where you’re comfortable.

Aging in place is a personal preference and what works for you and your family. However, it can be difficult for you and your loved ones to prepare for the future. As you age, you may need additional care and home modifications, which can become expensive and harder to manage.

A retirement community provides long-term care when you need it in private accommodations  and comfortable, familiar surroundings.

3. Retirement communities are vibrant and full of activities.

Forget what you’ve heard about retirement because we’re always gearing up for exciting social events! Retirement communities are always hosting new social events, and the great thing about being a community member is that you can choose which event you’d like to attend! You choose your schedule and what you’d like to do.

We recently wrapped our Great Gatsby party, where our residents dressed in their best 1920s outfits and danced the night away with champagne fountains, a live five-piece band and a red carpet. We’re even gearing up for our White Christmas event, which is going to be spectacular!

If you thought retirement meant sitting around, you’re wrong!

4. You’re on your own schedule.

As we said above, you choose what you want to do! You have ownership of your schedule and can attend (or skip) events as you’d like — no pressure to make appearances. As part of a retirement community, you’re invited to all the amenities offered, but are never forced to do what doesn’t work for you.

5. You can work (if you want).

Joining a retirement community means you can work (or not) and still enjoy the benefits of a community based around you. More younger community members are choosing to go to work and return to a fully-furnished, all-bills-paid home where they can focus on what they want to do (and not on the burdens of homeownership, like house maintenance and repair).

Retirement communities work around your needs, your goals and lifestyle. If you want to continue working, that’s encouraged!

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Hopefully this list dispelled some of the most common surprises with retirement communities. Overall, a retirement community is a vibrant, lively space where older adults can enjoy a growing amount of activities, amenities, and the comforts of home without the worry of traditional ownership. We have fun here, and that’s no surprise.

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