Not Your Grandma’s Retirement Home

July 26, 2018 onlineservices Blog

Trends Show 55+ Growing Demographic Among Active Adult Community

It’s no longer about the youth: the new demographic to watch is the 65+ age group who, according to University of Virginia demographics researcher Hamilton Lombard, will grow a staggering 90% between 2010 and 2040.

That growth will translate to a shift in industries and how they cater to this emerging demographic. Particularly this group will have a major impact on the definition of retirement expectations, as trends show seniors are foregoing the stress of traditional homeownership, and instead, are choosing to join active adult communities where they can enjoy modern luxuries while remaining independent.

Changing Expectations in Retirement Communities

Lawn care, home maintenance, housework: long gone are the days of home ownership burden. As seniors are recognizing the value of an active adult community where trained maintenance staff handle the nuances of home ownership like maintenance and repairs, more and more are choosing to join communities where they can receive the same quality of life for much less stress.

and as this demographic grows, more concern has been placed on modernizing these communities to include walkability, exercise classes, gourmet dining, and entertainment. Active adult communities are hardly your grandma’s nursing home anymore: think high-end amenities featuring walk-in closets, and numerous communal areas.

These communities also provide built-in social interaction with mature adults who are passionate about the same things. Or if you need privacy, that’s welcomed, too. Being a part of the community allows new members to freely interact and mingle on the schedule that works for them.

Seniors are realizing that joining active adult communities affords them the independence and flexibility they’re used to without the added burden of homeownership – for a simple monthly payment.

Now or Never: Step Into Your Active Adult Community

Some experts argue that the timing has never been better for the 65+ demographic to join an adult community as they are still active and can take full advantage of the amenities and activities of age-restricted communities.

Additionally, as this AZCentral article points out, waiting to make a decision to join an adult community when you’re experiencing physical or mental health changes can be especially difficult for you and your family as you’re rushed to make a decision quickly.

Plus, there is peace of mind that if at any point you need extra assistance, adult communities can provide that for you.

Redefining Retirement in Birmingham, Alabama

The concept of “retirement community” is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as younger community members are oftentimes not retired when they join an adult community. Trends show that younger seniors joining adult communities are keeping their jobs, where they can enjoy the adult community activities and environment when they return from work.

Adult communities are recognizing that seniors want it all and are redefining what it means to be a mature adult in a shifting future. Seniors are active, working and expect resort-style services that resemble their home life – but better.

So as the influx of younger seniors entering these communities grows, the definition of “retirement home” is changing. It’s a vibrant, lively community.

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