Social Isolation and Its Effects on Older Adults

According to Connect2Affect, an initiative powered by AARP Foundation to seek solutions and fight the stigma surrounding isolation in older adults, the health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Moreover, Connect2Affect states:

  • 17% of adults age 65 and older are isolated
  • 26% are at increased risk of early death due to subjective feeling of loneliness
  • 46% of women age 75 and older live alone

Social connection, through family and friends, is absolutely crucial for this vulnerable population.

It’s easy to assume that the older adults in your life are okay, but it’s important to reconnect and keep in touch.

Take The Social Isolation Quiz

As part of the initiative, Connect2Affect offers an assessment (for you or a loved one) that walks through the signs and symptoms of social isolation.

Questions include:

  • The older adult I know lives alone.
  • The older adult I know almost always has a ride or transportation they need to get where they want to go.
  • The older adult I know often feels left out.

To read these questions and take the assessment, click here.

After taking the assessment, Connect2Affect will assess your risk as either low risk, moderate or high risk. From there, the assessment will go through each answer and offer solutions to address the symptoms of social isolation, such as reaching out and providing transportation for older adults who can’t get around.

The most-important takeaway, however, is to pay attention. If you’re an adult child of an older adult who you may believe is isolated, reach out. Schedule some time to drop by or, if not possible, a simple phone call. It’s important to show that the older adult in your life is loved and thought of.

Social isolation is devastating and heavily affects older adults. At Skyline Village, we know the importance of creating social bonds.

How Skyline Can Help Alleviate Older Adult Social Isolation

Although each situation is unique, Skyline Village offers an answer for many of these social isolation issues. Through a built-in community of active, engaged older adults, those experiencing social isolation (or children of older adults) will find respite in Skyline.

Not only do we offer exciting events throughout the year for our residents to enjoy, we also offer scheduled trips for shopping, appointments, housekeeping and other quality-of-life care.

Our residents enjoy spending time with each other, and when they’re ready, some much-needed time to themselves. An independent living community affords our residents the necessary social connection and bonds while providing agency and decision on what they choose to do.

Residents also have access to exercise classes and onsite healthcare should they need additional assistance.

So although social isolation is a major problem facing older adults, with an independent living community, it’s possible for you (or a loved one) to enjoy life amongst friends of all ages.

Skyline Village is a beautiful independent living community that offers residents an all-inclusive luxury lifestyle at an affordable value. All-inclusive means that there are no more worries about paying various bills that come with renting or owning a home. Take a virtual tour, schedule an in-person tour, or give us a call for more details: 205-957-4700.