Our Great Gatsby Party Was a Roaring Success!

November 28, 2018 onlineservices Blog

This September, we held our first annual Great Gatsby Party, which was a roaring success. We had over 100 outside guests attend our 1920s-themed event with over 150 RSVP’d, plus our residents and staff on hand! This was our first event of its kind, and our residents are demanding we make it yearly!

Of course, the night would be remiss without dancing and live music, and we had an 8-piece live band perform. To fit the theme of the night, the band members all wore tuxedos. We pulled out all of the furniture from our lobby and had a massive dance floor!

Our Retirement Community Dances the Night Away


To prepare for the dancing, our residents had exercise classes a few weeks before the event where, during class, they’d practice dances from the 20s. Our residents took it a step further and set up YouTube on our lobby’s TVs to do more homework on the correct dance moves! Arlene, Executive Director for Skyline Village, says “Our residents danced, and danced, and danced!”

We had an incredible spread of food, including a massive wedding cake, not unlike what you’d see in the Great Gatsby. Plus, we had a chocolate and champagne fountain and champagne glasses stacked elegantly (we weren’t kidding when we said we made everything look the part).

In addition to the food and dancing, we had photo booths set up throughout the event, a giant picture frame for people to have their photo taken, and everything was lit beautifully! We had tiki torches for the outdoor seating and a fire burning in the firepit.

Naturally, an extravagant Great Gatsby party can’t be without a red carpet! We even offered free valet parking for our outside guests! Our goal for the night was to make our residents and outside guests feel refined and glamorous and very much a part of the Roaring 20s. Everyone that attended the event dressed the part! Resident Loretta Cobb said, “All the women dressed as flappers — we even had a class on how to make the proper headdresses they wore!”

The Great Gatsby Party was also a great social event, with most guests attending with a date or spouse, but there were many single people mingling and flirting!

Events at Skyline Village


At Skyline Village, we’re always working towards our next big social event. For Halloween, we’re having a costume party! and of course, with Christmas being around the corner, we’re planning our White Christmas party, which we hope will be our biggest party yet!

There’s always something going on here at Skyline. We work hard to provide our residents and guests great events where they can enjoy themselves and be social with their community.

If you think a retirement community is boring, think again! We always have something in the works.

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